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Technology Making Life Easier

I matured in the 1960’s and also 70’s when there were no computer systems, PERSONAL ORGANIZER’s or mobile phone. There were no microwaves, no DVD’s, no MP3 players as well as there were only concerning 7 excellent terminals on television. We really did not stay at home and play video games all the time due to the fact that there were no video games to speak of at that time. Instead we played outside, talked with our friends on the phone as well as listened to music.

I was telling this to my 2 sons the other day and they rested there stunned as they located this concept tough to cover their brain around. I presume that I did the like a kid when my own parents informed me about their childhood years as well as what the world resembled.

Today we are told that technology is here to make our lives easier. The microwave aids us prepare food much faster. The internet aids us obtain info faster and enables us to remain gotten in touch with good friends, family and also service affiliates. We have more television terminals to provide us even more choices, we have cell phones to make sure that we can remain in touch with each other and we have laptops to make sure that we can access the internet anywhere in the world.

Ok … allow’s check out that last paragraph once more.

Where I’m sitting, it resembles all our advanced contemporary innovation has done the contrary … it has actually made our lives crazier! It has offered us less time as opposed to even more.

If you are in your twenties and thirties, think of your parent’s childhood years and what life was like back then. If you are in your forties or older (like me … sigh) then think of your very own youth. What took place to everyone when workplace hrs came to an end? What occurred when individuals left work as well as went house?

What did they do?

They rested.

They had time to believe and also reflect and do something very few of us perform in today’s world … they relaxed!

When I was growing up, we really did not have mobile phone as well as laptop computers so we kicked back, went out to supper, took walks, seen television, listened to songs and read a book. We transformed our minds off for some time and permitted it to reboot itself.

Modern innovation has taken this far from us. Instead of resting when we get home from job, we service our laptops as well as continuously examine our PERSONAL ORGANIZER’s. We take our cell phones and address them anywhere we are … in dining establishments, airplanes, cinema, soccer areas, in our car … all over!

When precisely do we rest and permit our minds to switch off for a little while?

Modern technology has made points harder. It has actually released a beast called stress and anxiety that is making our globe sick and tired. It distracts us. It has us!

Have you seen the Terminator movies? The one where equipments rule the planet? Guess what? Makers rule our planet. Not in as unpleasant a way as the film, however they rule the earth. Technology regulations.

Anxiety is a nasty point that creates some also nastier conditions, as well as there are no antibiotics you can consider it. Stress and anxiety kills and there is just one treatment for it.

You need to rest.

Just recently, Ron and I went to Disneyworld in Florida with our children. We took our cellular phone as well as the laptop because we intended to check our email and voice mail while we were there. For some strange factor though, the cell phones mostly remained in the area due to the fact that we maintained failing to remember to bring them, and we never also activated the laptop.

Prior to we understood it, we went practically a whole week without checking any of our messages. I checked them regarding midway with the week as well as returned a few calls, but also for the most part everything stayed off.

Did the globe end? Did we shed our firm? Did customers walk away?


We got back with our minds freshened and also returned the phone calls, answered the e-mail as well as life rolled on. We were tired certainly (have you ever before done 4 amusement park in 4 days?) however absolutely nothing took place. Life as we know it didn’t finish!!! Instead we had the ability to concentrate on the job handy due to the fact that we were rejuvenated and unwinded.

Modern technology quicken our capacity to do things. We can look into much faster, cook faster, as well as touch with other individuals much faster. It likewise triggers us to feel the requirement that we have to be in call all the time! We feel we have to inspect our email at 10:00 p.m. in the evening, we need to answer that telephone throughout supper, as well as we need to inspect our PERSONAL ORGANIZER every hr regardless of where we are.

When do you relax and transform your mind off?

I comprehend that everybody intends to move forward. I entirely get that. Nevertheless, in order to move on, you have to occasionally take a couple of go back so that you can obtain a better consider where you want to go.

So what can we do?

We can shut off the computer after dinner as well as not transform it back on up until the early morning. We can transform our cellular phone off once in a while and also allow the voice mail answer it. We can take a walk. We can go on getaway without the laptop. We can even take place getaway and also just inspect our voice mail once or twice! The globe will not quit! Individuals might believe you’ve been abducted but so what? You’ll return in touch with them.

If you do not rest as well as allow your body and also brain reboot itself, then your body will certainly break down. Ultimately, innovation will rob you of real quality of life since it will certainly be sick and you won’t be able to do what you intend to do.

So here’s my challenge …

I challenge every one of you reviewing this post to shed your cellular phone for a day or 2 and also see what happens. I challenge you to shut off your computer system at around 6 p.m. at night as well as not turn it back on under any type of circumstances till the next early morning for one week. View what occurs!

Everyone tells you that you need to eat appropriate as well as obtain plenty of workout. Definitely real! There is a 3rd even a lot more important secret to life … you need to rest!

So turn your mind off for some time. Listen to some songs. Read a publication. Speak with your kids. Shop. Most likely to a comedy show as well as laugh.

Stop disregarding what your body is informing you! I recognize that it has been urging you to decrease as well as take a breath. Pay attention to it. It understands what it’s doing.

Sufficient stated.

Currently let’s see … I’m creating a post about the wickedness of modern technology on my computer system, my phone is calling next to me and also an e-mail simply got here.

Hmmm … presume it may be time to take a break!